Murderworld 2013 Wrap-Up


Arcade was always fair when it came to his games. If you played it right and played it through, you’d win and be free. It made the journey more fun, the expectation that you might lose already there but made the winning so much more rewarding. But the same couldn’t be said for outside the game. 

Especially when his precious game was threatened. 

So, of course he would lie. Of course, with his last minutes of consciousness, he would speak falsehoods to his self-declared rival. Because then another game would start, a verbal version of the top selling board game “Fact or Crap.” 

Declared as fact: There was no off-switch.

Phil’s response: Fact.

Real answer: Crap.

You lose a token. 

But as he was dragged out and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were left to dismantel and tear apart his creations, they began to dig into the main power supplies of the maze. It was Agent Stassen who made the biggest discovery of the day. Right on the bottom of the control panel, located far in the back near the wall. It took his entire body to reach back into it and, with a fast switch on then off, all the power in the maze flickered off then on, including the Chameleons.

"What’d it do?" Agent Stassen called out to the group.

"Just what we needed it to," Agent Carlson called back down. Carlson surveyed the dashboard, quickly discovering the intercom microphone and controls before leaning down.

"Agents Hood, Matsumoto, Kota, and Timberstone," he spoke, his voice echoing into the death maze via the loudspeakers. "This is Agent Carlson. The perpetrator has been captured and we are now in control of the park. We’ve found the main controls and a means to stop the bulk of the traps and contraptions. We’re coming for you."

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